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Photo: Avery J. Klein, 2022

         Patrick Semple is an American abstract painter who works in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Painting since childhood, Semple takes influence finding beauty in natural settings, from world travel, the life-death-life cycle that encompasses nature, infrastructure and everyday surrounding relationships between old and new.  The decay and regeneration of cites,  of human relationships and the regenerative life-force of nature are all fuel for his painting practice, turning on his awareness and appreciation of the natural world.   


          For Semple, painting is a unique opportunity to live out his deepest inner-broadcasts and knowings.   Extracting inspiration from environmental elements, he plays with chance and accidents as a conveyance for his interior mind to incarnate onto the exterior world using the materiality of newsprint, canvas scraps, fabrics, paints, and mediums to bring forth joy and value.  A few artists that he draws inspiration from are Antoni Tapies, Agnes Martin, Rachel Jones, Oscar Murillo and Jorge Galindo.  Exploring city-scapes, wilderness areas and foreign countries on foot, Semple’s process remains fluid and spontaneous, mimicking the emotional experience of being one with external forces. He moves back and forth from altered states of consciousness and pragmatic considerations of painting as he creates.

-Inspired by interview with Clarisse Abelarde

The Evergreen State College

Olympia, Washington

Bachelor of Fine Arts

June, 2015

Athens Center, Greece

Certificate of Graduation, Study Abroad Program
in the Arts

April 2015


Independent Travel

Buenos Aires, Argentina 


Paris, Chamonix, France, Geneva Switzerland 

Fall, 2018

Berlin, Düsseldorf Germany, Vienna Austria, Budapest Hungary, Bucharest, Bran, Romania, Rome, Naples, Ercolano Italy,  Prague, Czech Republic, Stockholm, Sweden

Spring, 2017


Athens, Nafplio, Peloponese, Chania, Crete, Olympia, Greece, Florence, Italy.

April, 2015


Valley Fine Art Gallery

Curated selection

Aspen, Colorado


Sugarlift Gallery

Online collection


Soho Home

Group exhibition

West Hollywood, CA

Spring 2023


Wonzimer Gallery

Los Angeles, CA

July- August, 2021 


London Paint Club

'Spring Awakening'

Online Group exhibition

March- April, 2021


Group show at Frances Gallery

Los Angeles, CA

February 2021

The Limelight, Snowmass Villiage

Aspen Art Collective

Aspen, Colorado

August, 2019


Hotel Indigo

18 Social, Downtown Los Angeles, CA

April, 2019

The Temple

Group exhibit with Alexander Feliciano

Los Angeles, CA

March, 2019

Inner Space LA 

Group exhibit

Downtown Los Angeles, CA

March, 2019

Superfine Art Fair

Los Angeles, CA

February 13th- 16th, 2019


Populuxe Brewing Company

Group exhibition

Seattle, Washington

December, 2018


Group exhibition

Aspen, Colorado

August, 2018


Group exhibition

Tollbooth Gallery

Tacoma, WA

Sept-Dec, 2015​

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